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1oz. Amber Boston Round Sample Bottle

1oz. Amber Boston Round Sample Bottle

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1oz. Amber Boston Round Sample Bottle

Product Description:

Introducing the 1oz. Amber Boston Round Sample Bottle – a must-have addition for whiskey collectors who understand the significance of preserving their prized spirits. This compact amber glass bottle is meticulously designed to safeguard the integrity of your most cherished whiskey samples, ensuring they remain as exceptional as the day you uncorked them.


  • Amber Glass Construction: Crafted from premium amber glass, this bottle provides optimal UV protection, shielding your whiskey from harmful light exposure that can degrade its flavor and aroma over time.

  • Tight-Sealing Cap: The secure cap ensures an airtight seal, preventing air from infiltrating the bottle and altering the character of your whiskey. Each sip remains as captivating as the first.

  • Compact 1oz. Capacity: The 1oz. size is perfect for storing and sharing your most prized whiskey samples. It's a versatile choice, whether you're gifting a taste of your collection or preserving a unique find.


  1. Preserve Whiskey Purity: The 1oz. Amber Boston Round is designed to maintain the purity of your whiskey. Its amber glass shields against UV rays, while the airtight seal prevents leaking during transport.

  2. Versatile Sampling: Whether you're exchanging samples with fellow collectors, preserving small batches, or creating a curated tasting experience, this bottle's 1oz. capacity is ideal for the task. It allows you to share the essence of your collection.

  3. Exceptional Quality: Crafted with precision and built to last, this amber glass bottle exemplifies exceptional quality. It's a reflection of your dedication to preserving and appreciating the nuanced flavors of fine whiskey.

Step up your whiskey preservation game with the 1oz. Amber Boston Round. Crafted from premium amber glass, it offers superior UV protection and an airtight seal, ensuring your whiskey's purity and flavor remain untouched.

Its compact 1oz. size is perfect for sharing samples and preserving the essence of your collection. Choose this exceptional bottle to safeguard your prized whiskeys, and experience the joy of savoring them at their best, sip after sip.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jeffery Zahrt
1 oz amber boston round sample bottle

Just as described.

Eric T
Great purchase

Love these bottles. Already shared a few with friends. The mouth is a bit small so try with water first to make sure you have the correct pour so you don’t loose any whiskey.


Great purchase. The mouth is small on these so practice with water to find the correct way to pour in. I have a very small coffee creamer mug with a spout that works perfect. Will buy more as the need comes up

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