Corporate Tastings

Randall (Randy) Sullivan is the host of Bourbon Real Talkยฎ podcast, co-founder of the non-profit Live. Stay. Project Inc., co-founder of the whiskey brands The Prideful Goat and Unallocated LLC, co-founder of the Facebook whiskey forum Bourbon Real Talk Community, and co-founder of the Facebook based whiskey club Someone Say Whiskey LLC.

Randy has tens of thousands of followers in the whiskey enthusiast space and educates millions of people through his podcast. His philosophy is that whiskey can bring people together. He believes if he can connect people to whiskey, whiskey will do the rest. To that end, he is now offering corporate whiskey education tastings.

Whiskey is popular, and a great way to bring people together for business networking and corporate team building.

Each attendee will receive:

1. 5 one ounce samples of whiskey in pre-poured bottles
2. 1 Whiskey tasting glass
3. A pen and paper for taking notes

The tasting will be expertly led by Randy, and attendees will be taught:

1. How to properly nose and taste a whiskey
2. General tasting notes for each pour
3. How to identify the unique characteristics of that distillery or production technique
4. A bit of history for each pour that will connect them to the experience
5. How to use the enjoyment of whiskey to create business and personal relationships
6. A Q&A session to open up discussion and help transition the group to interacting with each other at the end of the tasting

Due to the number of samples in each bottle, hosts will need to commit to supporting an attendee list in increments of 25, and must have a firm commitment 7 days prior to the event for local in person events. Costs per participant drops significantly as the total number increases. Hosts must provide an unlicensed venue large enough to accommodate the number of attendees, and that will allow us to bring in outside alcohol and pour it ourselves for in person events. For virtual events, the price will be the same, but you must commit to cover the cost of shipping (usually $5-$8 per participant) and have a firm commitment for attendee count 10+ days prior to the event. Prices break down as follows:

1. 1-25 attendees: $3,750 ($150 per attendee)
2. 26-50 attendees: $6,250 ($125 per attendee)
3. 51-75 attendees: $7,875 ($105 per attendee)
4. 76-100 attendees: $9,250 ($92.50 per attendee)
5. 100+ attendees or in person non-local events, contact us for custom pricing