The Most Asked Whiskey Questions - Bourbon Real Talk 124

The Most Asked Whiskey Questions - Bourbon Real Talk 124

In this episode, Randy answers some of the most frequently asked questions about whiskey. Questions like, "What is single barrel select?" and "What does Bottled in Bond mean"? By all means, these are just some of them, so if you have a question about whiskey, COMMENT below! Part two will be coming soon!

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0:00 Intro
What is the difference between Whiskey, Scotch, and Bourbon?
Where is bourbon made?
1:56 How do I find Blanton's and other allocated bottles?
3:25 Is Jack Daniels bourbon?
4:36 Is finished bourbon actually bourbon?
6:21 Shameless merch plug
7:12 What is Single Barrel Select?
9:16 What is Bottled in Bond?
10:55 Is Full Proof, Cask Strength, and Barrel Proof the same thing?
13:00 Comment your question below
13:36 Show philosophy
15:27 Outtakes

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1 comment

Hereโ€™s one from left fieldโ€ฆ..
Myself and 3 buds are doing the bourbon golf trail in September.
Buffalo Trace
Four Roses
Wild Turkey
are my 3 distillery choices.
I have a cool relationship with Julian and Preston as they helped me when I acquired a Rip van Winkle porcelain decanter.
Blah blah
I donโ€™t want to screw this trip up so cam you share any of your thoughts.
Please and thank you.
Just watched your Pappy vs Weller episode.
Here in Canada the good bourbons are allocated by the LCBO via lottery.

Dave Frantz

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