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Top 5 Highest Selling Bourbons in 2022

In a world brimming with "Top 10" lists and personal favorites, it's refreshing to dive into cold, hard facts. Today, we're going factual as we unveil the top five highest-selling bourbons of the past year. No opinions, just pure data. So, if you're curious about the Top 5 Highest Selling Bourbons in 2022, stick around.

Disclaimer: Before we delve into the list, it's essential to clarify our sources. We based this ranking on data from, a reputable source for whiskey enthusiasts. While we encountered several lists from various online retail sites, we opted for one that stood out with its comprehensive bourbon selection.

Let's pour ourselves a glass and start the countdown.

5. Maker's Mark: A Global Icon Maker's Mark, known for its unmistakable red wax-dipped bottles, claims the fifth spot on our list. It's a wheater bourbon with roots tracing back to the Bill Samuels crew, who experimented with different bread recipes to arrive at their signature mash bill. Legend has it that Bill Samuels' wife, Marjorie, baked these breads to determine the ideal flavor, a method that led to Maker's Mark's unique recipe.

This bourbon also boasts a connection to the renowned Pappy Van Winkle, with rumors of his influence on the mash bill. Although Maker's Mark came close to replicating the Stitzel-Weller magic, it deviated slightly due to a different yeast strain. Nevertheless, it remains a global staple, recognized by that iconic red wax seal.

4. Bulleit: A Blend of History and Modernity Bulleit takes the fourth spot, a bourbon that's not only a favorite in the United States but also enjoys considerable success in international markets. The story behind Bulleit is intriguing. It emerged when Diageo acquired Four Roses during Seagrams' bankruptcy, and they brought the distilling techniques of Four Roses and MGPI to Bulleit.

This bourbon's connection to the historic Stitzer Weller Distillery, where Pappy Van Winkle once worked, adds another layer of significance. What sets Bulleit apart from others on this list is its palletized aging process. Unlike traditional barrel rick houses, Bulleit's modern approach optimizes space, reduces angel's share loss, and accelerates maturation.

3. Woodford Reserve: A Classic for All Occasions Woodford Reserve secures the third position on our list and is a name that resonates with Kentucky and the Kentucky Derby. It's a versatile bourbon known for its consistent quality and wide availability. Interestingly, Woodford Reserve shares its mash bill with Old Forester, both under the Brown-Forman Corporation umbrella.

What sets Woodford Reserve apart is its innovative approach to aging. They use temperature-controlled warehouses, heating and cooling them to accelerate maturation. This method ensures that the bourbon matures at a younger age without compromising quality. Beyond the bourbon itself, Woodford Reserve beckons visitors with a stunning distillery designed for tourism.

2. Jim Beam: The Beam Legacy Jim Beam claims the second spot on our list, a distillery celebrated for its family legacy and exceptional products. The Beam yeast strain, known for its distinct peanut buttery notes, is a defining feature of Jim Beam bourbons, including Knob Creek, Basil Hayden, and Booker's.

A visit to the Jim Beam Distillery is a treat, offering tasting opportunities with a vast array of their products. The Jim Beam family's rich heritage, including its influence on other Kentucky distilleries, speaks volumes about their bourbon-making expertise. Jim Beam's broad range of expressions and its signature yeast character make it a standout in the world of bourbon.

1. Evan Williams: Surprising the World Taking the top spot as the world's highest-selling bourbon is Evan Williams, produced by the Heaven Hill Distillery. While Evan Williams is known for its value-priced offerings, it's a testament to the distillery's commitment to quality. Even their bottom-shelf products reflect generations of expertise and a dedication to producing quality spirits.

Notably, Evan Williams' connection to the Jim Beam family and the transfer of yeast strains adds an intriguing layer to its history. The post-fire and pre-fire Evan Williams bourbons have discernible taste differences, offering enthusiasts a unique perspective on bourbon evolution.

In conclusion, these are the world's top-selling bourbons, determined by sales figures. While preferences may vary, these bourbons have found their place in the hearts and glasses of many. They are readily available, affordable, and each boasts a rich history and unique attributes. So, the next time you raise a glass of Maker's Mark, Bulleit, Woodford Reserve, Jim Beam, or Evan Williams, you'll know you're sipping on one of the world's best-selling bourbons.

If you're a bourbon enthusiast or just curious about the world of whiskey, these top-selling bourbons are an excellent place to start your journey. Cheers to the world's favorites!


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