TOP 10 Rye Whiskeys of ALL TIME

TOP 10 Rye Whiskeys of ALL TIME

While we primarily talk about bourbons, today we're stepping into the intriguing realm of rye whiskey. Whether you're a seasoned rye enthusiast or new to the game, you're in for a treat. We're about to share our top TOP 10 Rye Whiskey picks, so stay tuned!

Disclaimer: Before we jump into our list, let's get a few things straight. We're presenting a combined list, which means that we each have our individual favorites. You'll notice some overlap, but that just means those ryes are extra special. Also, these are in no particular order; we simply love to drink them. Let's get started!

1. Angel's Envy Rye

Batch 12L – A Unique Delight

Our first pick is Angel's Envy Rye, specifically batch 12L. This rye holds a special place in our hearts. It's known for its variant batches, each offering distinct flavor profiles. Some evoke creamy Creme Brulee, while others hint at sweet maple syrup. Batch 12L stood out with its unique character, making it a favorite. Sharing this gem with friends turned it into a sought-after bottle.

2. Jack Daniel's Barrel Proof Rye

A Taste of Tennessee

Our second choice is the Jack Daniel's Barrel Proof Rye, an absolute delight from the heart of Tennessee. We had the pleasure of tasting it during our visit to the distillery. It's smooth, rich, and incredibly enjoyable. The good news? They're releasing more Barrel Proof Rye, so be on the lookout for this gem.

3. Redemption Rum Cask Finish Rye

The Unexpected Sweetness

This rye, with a delightful rum cask finish, pleasantly surprised us. Initially, one of us wasn't too keen on it, but a second try revealed its hidden charm. It's infused with sweet tea flavors, offering a unique twist on traditional rye. Sometimes, a whiskey just needs the right moment to shine.

4. Rosewood Rye

Hidden Kentucky Gem

Rosewood Rye, created by our friend Jason Giles, is a rare find. You won't spot it on store shelves everywhere, but it's worth seeking out. With a subtle hint of sweet tea, this rye captures our hearts. Its availability might be limited, but the experience is unforgettable.

5. Sagamore Spirits Rye

Baltimore's Pride

Sagamore Spirits Rye rounds out our top five. Hailing from Baltimore, this whiskey has impressed us with its range and quality. We even had the pleasure of connecting with a Sagamore Spirits representative, and their passion for their product is evident. With a rising presence in the whiskey world, Sagamore is a name to remember.

6. The Prideful Goat Rye

Crafted with Care

We couldn't create a rye list without mentioning The Prideful Goat Rye, a brand co-founded by us. It's cast strength, unfiltered, and crafted with care. Known for its unique Big League Chew bubble gum notes, this rye is a sweet treat for the palate. Click here to find a Goat new you!

7. Knob Creek Cast Strength Rye

Closest to the Coveted Booker's Rye

Knob Creek Cast Strength Rye offers a taste experience reminiscent of the highly sought-after Booker's Rye. While it may not be the same, it comes closest to replicating the magic. If you're looking for a flavorful, robust rye, this one won't disappoint.

8. Michter's 10-Year Rye

A Rare Find

Michter's 10-Year Rye is a real treasure. It's known for its limited availability and impressive age statement. While we don't drink it often, we cherish it for those special moments when we want to savor something truly remarkable.

9. Kentucky Owl Rye

Batch 1 – A Rare Find

Kentucky Owl Rye, specifically batch 1, holds a special place on our list. It's a mysterious rye, and we're not exactly sure which distillery it hails from. Regardless, its flavor profile is exceptional. At 11 years old and 110.6 proof, this rye was an incredible find.

10. Thomas H. Handy Rye

A Six-Year Wonder

Our list wouldn't be complete without Thomas H. Handy Rye, a six-year-old gem. This rye may not have the age of some ultra-premium whiskeys, but rye matures faster than bourbon. We love its unique character and its place on our top 10 list.

There you have it, our top 10 rye whiskey picks! These selections offer a wide range of flavors and experiences, perfect for any whiskey enthusiast. Whether you're a fan of sweet tea-infused ryes or prefer the boldness of cash strength, there's something for everyone on this list. Cheers to exploring the world of rye whiskey.


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