The BEST Whiskeys for Cocktails

The BEST Whiskeys for Cocktails

Are you in the mood for a whiskey cocktail? Well, you're in for a treat because we're exploring the world of whiskey cocktails. But before we dive into crafting the perfect drink, let's set the stage with a few disclaimers.

Disclaimer 1: Cocktails and Neat Whiskey If you're a devoted whiskey purist who enjoys sipping your spirits neat, this episode may not be your cup of teaβ€”or should we say glass of whiskey. That's perfectly fine; we respect your preferences. This is dedicated to those who appreciate both the art of savoring whiskey straight and the excitement of mixing it into delightful cocktails.

Disclaimer 2: Whiskey Categories We'll be discussing various whiskey categories that work well in cocktails. While we'll provide some examples, our main goal is to guide you through these categories so you can choose your own preferred brands. Remember, there's no definitive list, and everyone's palate is different. Now, let's get started!

Mixing Rules and Respect for Spirits

When it comes to mixing whiskey into cocktails, a few rules of thumb can help you create enjoyable drinks without wasting precious spirits or upsetting fellow whiskey enthusiasts.

  1. Replaceable Whiskey: Opt for whiskeys that are replaceable. Burning through a rare bottle that others may never have the chance to try is a missed opportunity. Choose a bottle you won't miss.

  2. Low-Cost Options: Keep the cost in check. Whiskey for cocktails doesn't need to break the bank. Affordable options are readily available, so save those pricey bottles for sipping.

  3. Proof Matters: Consider the proof of your whiskey. Tailor it to the occasion. High-proof whiskey might not be necessary for a leisurely afternoon by the pool. Save the cast-strength whiskeys for special moments.

  4. Use Unloved Bottles: Don't forget those bottles you don't particularly enjoy neat. They might just shine in a well-crafted cocktail. Give them a second chance to impress.

Now that we've set the stage let's explore some whiskey categories that are perfect for mixing.

1. Low-Proof Bourbons

If you're starting your whiskey cocktail journey, begin with low-proof bourbons. These whiskeys typically range from 80 to 90 proof. A fantastic example is Early Times. Affordable and approachable, it's a great choice for experimenting with whiskey cocktails. Another option is Buffalo Trace at 90 proof, which delivers versatility in cocktails.

2. 100-Proof Bourbons

Stepping up the proof a bit, we have 100-proof bourbons. They add more complexity to your cocktails. An excellent choice is Evan Williams Bottled in Bond, which comes at 100 proof and is known for its affordability and great flavor profile.

3. Low-Proof Ryes

Low-proof rye whiskeys bring a delightful twist to cocktails. Brands like Belfor Spirits offer options with a lower proof, enhancing the cocktail experience.

4. Finished Whiskeys

Consider finished whiskeys for unique cocktail flavors. Although some of these can be expensive, they can be a game-changer in the right cocktail. For instance, Angels Envy, finished in port wine barrels, can add a rich, nuanced taste to your drinks.

5. Toasted Barrel Finish

Whiskeys with a toasted barrel finish introduce smoky and caramelized wood notes to your cocktails. They create a campfire-like experience. Explore these for a unique twist.

6. Craft Whiskeys

Craft whiskeys, often produced on pot stills, offer bold and distinct flavors that can elevate your cocktails. While they may be a bit pricier, the richness they bring to your drinks is worth the occasional splurge.

Our Favorite Whiskey Cocktails

While there are countless cocktail recipes to explore, we have a couple of favorites to get you started:

Lindsay's Choice: Apple Pie

  • Ingredients: Whiskey, Vodka, Apple Juice, Cinnamon
  • Result: A delightful cocktail that tastes just like apple pie.

Randy's Choice: Whiskey Smash

  • Ingredients: Whiskey, Lemon, Simple Syrup, Mint
  • Result: A refreshing and citrusy cocktail with a hint of mint.

These cocktails demonstrate the versatility of whiskey in crafting diverse and enjoyable drinks. Whether you prefer the sweetness of apple pie or the zesty freshness of a Whiskey Smash, there's a whiskey cocktail for every palate.

In the end, remember that the beauty of whiskey cocktails lies in the creative journey. Feel free to experiment, mix, and match to discover your perfect concoction. So, gather your favorite whiskey, some cocktail ingredients, and embark on a delicious adventure in mixology. Cheers! πŸ₯ƒ

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