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Justin's House of Bourbon: A Bourbon Retailer Under Scrutiny

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Legal Disclaimers: Before we go any further, it's essential to clarify that we are not legal experts, nor are we journalists. We're enthusiasts with a passion for bourbon and a desire to make sense of the situation surrounding Justin's House of Bourbon. With that said, let's break down the key aspects of this case.



News has emerged that Kentucky alcohol regulators are taking action against the well-known bourbon retailer, Justin's House of Bourbon. This comes as a shock to many bourbon enthusiasts, but there is much more to this story than meets the eye. In this blog post, we'll delve into the details of the case, exploring the accusations, the background of Justin's House of Bourbon, and the broader implications for the bourbon community.

Kentucky's Vintage Spirits Law

In 2017, Kentucky introduced the Vintage Spirits Law, which authorized licensed retailers to purchase vintage spirits from individuals and resell them. However, the law left several areas open to interpretation. Here are the key points:

  • Sellers must not be in the business of selling spirits.
  • Purchases must be made in person at a licensed premises.
  • Vintage spirits must have a specific label.
  • Retailers must report purchases to the state.

Justin's House of Bourbon's Business Model

Justin's House of Bourbon operates two locations in Kentucky, in Lexington and Louisville, but it's more than just a bar. Legally, it's a liquor store, allowing them to buy current products from state wholesalers. However, they've also utilized the Vintage Spirits Law to purchase rare and hard-to-find bottles directly from the public, a practice that's raised eyebrows.

The Washington DC Connection

What makes this situation even more intricate is the connection between Justin's House of Bourbon and Bourbon Outfitter, a licensed internet sales retailer in Washington DC. Both businesses share the same owners, and the DC location allows them to sell online and ship outside the District.

The Investigation Unfolds

In June 2021, an investigator warned Justin's House of Bourbon about issues with labeling and unreported inventory. Subsequent investigations led to a raid on their DC and Kentucky locations in January 2023. The regulators raised concerns about the lack of proper labeling, illegal bottle transfers between Kentucky stores, and unlawful shipping practices.

The Accusations

Kentucky's Department of Alcohol Beverage Control accused Justin's House of Bourbon of:

  1. Failing to report vintage distilled spirits purchases.
  2. Illegally transporting bottles within Kentucky.
  3. Unlawfully buying and selling alcoholic beverages.
  4. Neglecting to place proper labels on vintage spirits.
  5. Purchasing and selling bourbons that didn't qualify as vintage spirits.

No Criminal Charges Yet

It's important to note that, as of now, there are no criminal charges related to this case. It's a civil matter concerning the enforcement of alcohol control laws. The outcome remains uncertain, but the potential repercussions include fines or adjustments to their business practices.

The Broader Issue

This case highlights the limitations of outdated three-tier system regulations governing alcohol sales. The public's desire to buy, sell, and trade bottles directly from one another clashes with these laws. Justin's House of Bourbon's actions were in response to this demand, and it's a testament to the need for reform in the industry.


The fate of Justin's House of Bourbon hangs in the balance as the investigation unfolds. The hope is that, rather than shutting down these establishments, regulators can find a way to align their business practices with existing laws. The bourbon community values these businesses for their unique offerings, and it would be a loss to see them close.

Closing Thoughts

In the world of bourbon, complexities often arise, and this case involving Justin's House of Bourbon is no exception. As the investigation continues, we'll keep an eye on the developments and provide updates as they become available. Our love for whiskey and our commitment to building a supportive community remains unwavering.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. We appreciate your support and look forward to sharing more insights and stories from the world of whiskey.

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