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The ULTIMATE Whiskey Connoisseur Collection ***PRE-ORDER***

The ULTIMATE Whiskey Connoisseur Collection ***PRE-ORDER***

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***This item is in PRE-ORDER status. We should have the 6 bottle bag restocked in our warehouse by the first week in December.***

The ULTIMATE Whiskey Connoisseur Collection

Product Description:

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the world of whiskey and experience the ultimate collection for connoisseurs? Introducing "The ULTIMATE Whiskey Connoisseur Collection" – a comprehensive set designed to elevate your whiskey journey. This curated ensemble ensures you're well-equipped for bottle sharing, travel, and savoring your favorite spirits to the fullest.


  • Custom Bottle Carrier Bag: Our exclusive Bourbon Real Talk 6-bottle carrier bag is meticulously designed to cradle and protect your cherished whiskey bottles, whether for sharing or travel.
  • Tasting Glass Carriers: Included are two carriers, one for 6oz tasting glasses and another for 3oz tasting glasses. Each carrier secures your glasses safely, ensuring they arrive intact for tastings and gatherings.
  • Variety of Glasses: This collection comes with two 6oz. tasting glasses and two 3oz. tasting glasses, providing you with options for different whiskey experiences, from in-depth tastings to casual sips.
  • Handsfree Convenience: Also included are two lanyards to hold your tasting glass and a 6-pack of lids that will fit a 6oz Glencairn glass or our 3oz. fluted glass. ***at this time the 6 pack of lids will be shipped without the paper tube, as the are being restocked. ***


  • Comprehensive Whiskey Set: "The ULTIMATE Whiskey Connoisseur Collection" includes everything you need to enhance your whiskey experience. From custom carriers to a variety of glasses, it's your all-in-one solution.
  • Protection and Convenience: Safeguard your whiskey bottles with the custom bottle carrier bag, and keep your tasting glasses secure during travel and gatherings. This collection ensures both protection and ease of use.
  • Versatile Tasting Options: With 6oz and 3oz tasting glasses included, you have the flexibility to savor your whiskey in various settings. Enjoy detailed tastings or share your favorites with friends – it's all at your fingertips.

Experience whiskey like never before with "The ULTIMATE Whiskey Connoisseur Collection." This carefully curated ensemble equips you with custom bottle carriers, tasting glass carriers, a variety of glasses, and additional accessories like lanyards, tasting glass lids and a lint-free rag.

Whether you're sharing your passion for whiskey, embarking on a whiskey journey, or attending tastings, this collection ensures you're fully prepared. Take your whiskey rituals to the next level and explore the world of fine spirits with this ultimate set designed for connoisseurs.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

The whole package is AMAZING!!! Love it!!!🐐🥃🐐🥃🐐🥃

Cody A. Robertson
Best thing I've done for my whiskey/bourbon collection!

I attend several bottle shares, tastings, and whiskey/bourbon events and it's always a pain lugging my bottles, glens, and everything else around. I also hunt for bottles on a regular basis and I'm always having to secure my bottles in some form or fashion in my vehicle for a safe ride home.

I met a few people that have this bag and the first time I saw it I knew I had to have it. Then I went to the Bourbon Real Talk website and saw that they not only have the bag, but all of the goodies that you need to go along with it. I was sold and decided that this would make a great early birthday present to myself.

The bag is super well made and looks amazing in person. It has plenty of room for my bottles, ample storage for my glass carriers/glens and anything else I need for a great time with friends and family.

I've used it at two bottle shares so far and it worked out really well! I also use it any time I go to the liquor store or when I'm out for a day of hunting bottles. It keeps all of my bottles safe and secure while I'm on the go.

With as much money as we all spend on this little hobby of ours, it's a no-brainer investment for your collection.

A big thanks to everyone at Bourbon Real Talk for putting all of this together!

- Cheers Y'all!

Kim D
I Love it!!

I really love the carrier. Headed on the Bourbon Trail next weekend, and I can't wait to fill it up!!

Robin Robin
Everything but the bourbon!!!

What a great kit!
The handled bag is large enough to hold 8 bottles, and has removable cushioned dividers inside. A crossbody carrying strap makes it easy to carry when filled with your favorite bourbons.
Included are two sets of Glen Cairns (wee and regular size), two cairn travel cases, and cairn toppers...just add bourbon and you're ready for a tasting with friends!
All the items are high quality, and represent BRTC.

Thank you for the review Robin. Please be careful with the cross body strap when you have the bag packed full. I had 10 bottles in my bag once and broke a strap. If that happens let us know because we have replacements, but I would recommend you use the handle if the bag is totally full.

John Altemeier aka Malty Alty
Ultimate connoisseur bag/package

What a great whisky bag! I easily fit 10 bottles in this for a Memorial Day get together and it sparked quite a whisky discussion. It’s always nice to bring new folks into the whisky world. At $350 this is a steal! Also it’s great to support the quality content of Bourbon Real Talk. I have absolutely no regrets about buying this bag. Love it! I would recommend getting the full deluxe package. It’s quite handy to also bring a few glencairns to a gathering.

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