8 Ways NOT To Drink Whiskey - Bourbon Real Talk Episode 123

8 Ways NOT To Drink Whiskey - Bourbon Real Talk Episode 123

Oct 22 , 2021

While there are no right or wrong ways to enjoy whiskey, there are some faux pas that you will want to avoid.  The best thing about whiskey is how it brings people together. If you avoid these 8 things you will be accepted into the whiskey family and your life will be better for it. In this video Wes and I do a little skit to teach these lessons in a funny and entertaining way. 

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0:00 #1 Treat a pour as a shot
1:12 #2 Get yourself a big pour
2:09 #3 Confuse a tasting for a classroom
3:17 #4 Throw a mixer in a rare whiskey
4:11 Shameless Merch Plug
5:02 #5 Use a dirty glass for a new pour
5:54 #6 Be a jerk with your feedback
6:54 #7 Get drunk at a tasting
7.48 #8 Judge people on how they enjoy whiskey
8:57 Show philosophy/Signoff
10:28 Outtakes

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